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1 in 2 working women in India affected by pandemic anxiety

By Jahanbee Gupta

The Covid-19 pandemic is taking an important toll on the emotional well-being of working women in India as nearly one in two of them (47 %) are experiencing more stress or anxiety, a replacement survey said on Thursday.

Worryingly, quite two in five working mothers are working outside their business hours to supply childcare, nearly twice as many men (25 %), consistent with the 'Workforce Confidence Index' survey by Microsoft-owned LinkedIn that was supported by the responses of two,254 professionals within the country. For working men, the amount stood at 38 %, pointing towards a disproportionate impact on women in these testing times.

Around 1 in 3 (31 %) working mothers are currently providing childcare full-time, in comparison to just about 1 in 5 (17 %) working fathers. Neha Bagaria, CEO of online portal Jobs for her said that One aspect is balancing office and household work, the majority of the latter being shouldered by women. Studies reveal increased participation of men during the pandemic, but women still spend most time caring for youngsters.

The data suggested that working mothers are more likely to touch the brunt of distractions from childcare while men seek support from friends and family. Only one in five (20 %) working mothers believe a loved one or friend to require care of their children, in comparison to 32 % men. The findings showed that quite 46 % of working mothers report working till late to form up for work, and 42 % are unable to specialize in work with their children's reception. About one in four freelancers anticipate a rise in their earned income (25 %) and private savings (27 %), while on the brink of one in three (31 %) expect their number of investments to extend within the next six months, the survey said.

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