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10 found dead in enormous Northern California wildfires

By Ritika Nath

The California administration said on Thursday that due to the massive wildfire which burned California, Malden and Oregon all together up till now ten people were found dead and 16 people were still missing.

Butte County sheriff’s deputies and detectives on Thursday found seven dead bodies in total and a day after that three other dead bodies were discovered while searching the affected areas thoroughly. Among those unaccounted for are the old parents who told their son that they would escape the blazing flames by finding a shelter near a pond.

As the searching crews manage to make their way into the burned and affected areas they are expecting to find more dead bodies over there. Sheriff’s Capt. Derek Bell stated that a team of anthropologists from Chico State University were also helping them with this search.

This wildfire which is burning from the past week was about 50% contained when fierce winds drove the fire into an explosive growth on Tuesday, driving it through the uneven and bumpy Sierra Nevada foothills by demolishing most of the town of Berry Creek. Approximately 2,000 homes and other official buildings have burned, as stated by the fire officials. This California fire is among the five to set records for burning most of the land including a blaze that broke the mark on Thursday as the largest wildfire ever happened.

Approximately more than 4,800 square miles which are 12,500 square kilometres have burned so far this year- which calculates as more land than Rhode Island, Delaware and Washington DC combined- and this season of fall is known as the worst season for fires. Twelve people died and more than 4,000 structures have been blazed across the state.

This fires which got more carried away because of the drought-sapped vegetation amidst the warming temperatures which indicated towards the climate change has spread at an alarming rate which devastated the people more and provided them very little time to evacuate the premises.

Hundreds of campers, hikers and people who were spending their Labor Day weekend holiday at the mountainside reservoirs and cabin retreats had to be evacuated in very less time by the military helicopters after they got grounded because of a fast-moving wildfire which broke out in the Sierra National Forest in the centre of the state during the record-setting high temperatures.

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