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13-year-old weapons ban lifted from this middle-eastern country!

By Anwesha Dash

The longstanding arms embargo has been lifted from Iran, which the country hails as a win over rival, the U.S.A.

Under the UN resolution trading weapons to and from the Islamic Republic of Iran was completely restricted. But after the withdrawal of Washington from the resolution in October 2018 the ban had been on the way of expiring. Now, finally, after nearly 2 years the embargo has expired and the middle-eastern nation is free to trade in weapons with Russia, China, and many more countries.

The foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif hailed this new development and said this will mark the "normalization of Iran's defense cooperation" with the rest of the world. But according to the ministry, there is no place in Iran's defense conviction for weapons of mass destruction and unconventional arms.

Mike Pompei, the U.S secretary of State, has given contradictory statements and dismissed the expiration. He has hinted towards retaliation from the U.S. if any country tries to trade with Iran in the field of arms and weapons. He has threatened to sanction any individual or organization that contributes to Iran's arms supply in any way. But in opposition, Russia's U.N Ambassador asked the U.S to promote peace in the middle east by not antagonizing Iran any further.

Apart from the U.S. six Gulf Arab nations have also objected to the lifting of the embargo and supported an extension to the ban. But despite the hurdles, Iran is rejoicing in freedom and has reportedly started working on the supply of weapons from different nations.

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