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4-year-old girl killed by her mother for disturbing reasons! Read to know more.

By Neha Mallick

Ludhiana Police imprisoned a woman on corroborating the fact that she killed her four-year-old girl because she was upset over her second offspring to be a girl as well.

A woman of age around 30 years old who was from Ludhiana, in Punjab supposedly murdered her daughter who was four years old, by slamming her head on a wall on 17th of October, Saturday. As per the detected reports, the woman was disappointed in bringing forth another offspring who is a girl child. On the pretext of this, she murdered her older daughter by slamming her head on the wall and the floor of their bathroom. The woman existed to be married to a settler labourer from Bihar. Inspector Gopal Krishan stated about this incident that the woman pummeled her four-year-old girl to extinction by slamming her head against the floor and wall of their bathroom at their place in Salem Tabri region’s Navneet Nagar.

The woman's name is identified as Priyanka Yadav. And her spouse’s name is Tinku Yadav. Her second girl child was born to her two months prior, in August. The Police authority claimed that she was upset about having a daughter because she was expecting a son. It prevailed that she held her elder girl child in her arms to bathe her but in turn began to slam her child’s head against the ground and the wall of their bathroom. The head injury caused to the little girl was disastrous which resulted in her instant demise. Bhagirath Meena, the Joint Commissioner of Police stated that Priyanka Yadav, the culprit has been held captive and indicted in for murder.

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