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Bengaluru violence: Rs 51 lakhs of reward whoever beheads Naveen, says Ex SP leader, Shahzeb Rizvi

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

A Shocking video surfaces, on Wednesday where an Ex SP Muslim leader Shahzeb Rizvi is seen announcing a cash reward of Rupees 51 lakhs on the head of Naveen, a Dalit youth from Bengaluru, over a blasphemous Facebook post. Naveen is the nephew of Congress MLA Shri Akhanada Srinivas Murthy from Bengaluru. In this video, he says that he strongly condemns the Facebook post by Naveen and charged him with blasphemy for insulting Prophet Muhammad. He also requested Muslim communities to help him to collect this money. Shahzeb Rizvi, a resident of Meerut, is an Ex-leader of the Samajwadi Party. Reportedly he had held a state-level position at the party earlier, however, later he left the party. He, now calls himself a social worker.

As soon as the video goes viral, Meerut police started an investigation, and as per the report, police have registered a case against Shahzeb Rizvi after which he is on run. The audacity of Shahzeb Rizvi triggered an outrage on social media. Many people demanded to arrest him immediately and said that this is India and not Iran. Some people also raised suspicions that this may turn into Kamlesh Tiwari part 2, who was murdered by two Muslim assailants earlier in October 2019 over his derogatory remarks on Prophet Muhammad.

Earlier on Tuesday this week, a violent mob vandalized the house of Indian National Congress MLA, Shri Akhanda Srinivas Murty, and DJ Halli police station and set several police vehicles on fire. At least three people have been killed in police firing to control violence. About 60 policemen also got injured in this incident. Violence broke out after a Blasphemous Facebook post about Prophet Muhammad. Reportedly, this post was posted by Naveen, nephew of Congress MLA Akhanada Srinivas Murty and a Arya Samaj member, in response to a sexually derogatory post on Hindu Goddess.

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