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5G Airwave Auction to begin Soon! Know More.

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Recently, the Department of Telecommunications Government of India announced that they are going to release the 5G Airwaves auction anytime soon.

The fight for the 5G AirWave Action may happen anytime soon as the top Indian Telecommunication Companies from India especially Jio and Airtel are ready for the bidding for the Auction for 5G. Jio the biggest telecommunication from India is almost ready to get into the auction as it gets announced. They are even ready to work in 5G trails after bidding and provide the users of India 5G network as soon as possible after the auction gets over. While Airtel is looking for a Partnership with Ericsson to make it possible for the users from India to use the 5G network. Vodafone and Idea merged company VI is also looking forward to making an impact in the 5G auctions.

In 2020, due to the expensive technology and the conveniences that occurred during the CoronaVirus pandemic, it was impossible to get 5G airwaves to get auctioned in the first two quarters of the years. But according to reports, there is a good probability that 5G Airwaves may go for auctions at the end of the year 2020 or the beginning of the year 2021. Earlier it was planned for April 2020 that the auctions for 5G airwaves may get announced but due to the different circumstances mentioned earlier, it was not held. But if the price is reduced and cheaper than it was fixed earlier, then all the telecommunication companies may get interested and may make their presence felt in the auction.

The hindrances in the launch of 5G airwaves were due to the issues created by the defence and space frequencies. But recently the issue is coming to an end as all the doubt and problems that would have occurred during the launch of the 5G network are being recently addressed. The issue was due to the 5G network frequencies but now it is almost confirmed that the 5G network is coming to India very soon.

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