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A 20-year-old man held to ransom by his friends for shocking reasons. Know more!

By Neha Mallick

After getting tempted by his friends with the treaty to meet a girl, a 20-year-old man was tricked and later kidnapped to obtain a ransom.

A man aged 20 years, was avowedly abducted by his friends in a group of five, in Ghaziabad. They tricked him by tempting him to acquaint him with a girl. His pals tried to demand money from the sufferer’s parents. The boy’s age is 20 years old and his name prevails as Saurabh. His father, Vinay Shukla who is an inhabitant of Master Park in Khoda locality of the district, has filed a complaint against the issue of abduction of his son. Vinay Shukla reported that he attained three phone calls asking for a ransom of 15 lakh rupees and then notified the Police authority on the emergency dial(122). Senior Superintendent of Police, Kalanidhi Naithani, reported that an FIR was filed under Indian Penal Code Sections 364A(placed for kidnapping for ransom) and 507 (placed for criminal coercion by an unknown communication). On getting intakes established on the recordings of call details, the Police invaded Navneet Nagar of Khoda district where the sufferer was held captive by his friends.

Saurabh was then salvaged by the Police from the grasps of the abductors while he was fastened with a rope. The names of the squad of kidnappers are Asif, Sanjay, Sudhir, Rizwan and Harshit Thakur. The police held in possession three mobile phones(that were used by the kidnappers), a pistol made in the country, two cases to charge the guns, a knife, rope and cello tapes, from the abductors. On further questioning, the gang finally revealed how Harshit Thakur, an old friend of Saurabh picked him up from his house on the note to initiate his meeting with a girl. When they reached the planned area, the gang tied him up with rope and filmed him to send it across to his parents to demand ransom from them. Another one of the kidnappers, Asif, called Vinay Shukla thrice to warn him of the horrific consequences if the demanded sum of money was not paid to them on time. On being questioned further, the boys confided that they demanded the money to live a wealthy existence.

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