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A 25-year old woman gang-raped and walloped! Read in for more details.

By Neha Mallick

A woman of 25 years old was gang-raped by four men and later clobbered by them when she held out against their endeavours. The woman was, in fact, a native of West Bengal. The accused men have been held captive in Gurugram, Haryana.

After wrangling with four men in a property dealer’s office, a 25-year-old woman was gang-raped by them. After hearing the women's predicament, the four men accused were soon tracked down by the Police and held captive. In Gurugram, Haryana, four men brutally raped a 25-year-old woman and even physically hurt her for trying to hoist the alarm. The occurrence took place in the interceding night of Saturday and Sunday in DLF Phase 2, in a property dealer’s office. The woman, however, managed to escape from the site to seek help from the security guard who was nearby. One of the four accused men was working as a cleaner in the property dealer's office and the other three men were food delivery envoys. Inquiries revealed that the woman was conversant with one of the four men accused, named Ranjan. The names of the other three captivated men are Govind, Pankaj and Pawan. On the day of the mishap, the woman met Ranjan outside Sikanderpur metro station where the other three men accompanied him as well. The woman had a disagreement that led to a heating argument with the man.

The woman and the four men went to the office of High State Properties placed on Bougainvillea Marg. Inside the office, the woman had a heating squabble with the four accused men. It was around 1:30 AM, and there was nobody in the dealer’s office building. Taking the advantage of this, the four men forced themselves on her, physically hurt her and took turns to sexually assault her. As reported by the Assistant Police Commissioner, Karan Goel, the woman has been booted and hit by the accused men. The captivated supposedly thumped the woman’s head against the wall when she tried to let go of them. While she was trying to get away, the woman crashed into a door and got herself more injured. The Police arrested the four men by the evening on Sunday. The locations of the men indicted were revealed by Pankaj during he was probed. He was one among the four accused men and was captured from Chakkarpur. All the indicted men were inhabitants of Bihar. They have all been locked in under pertinent sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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