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A big relief from Google for freelancers and small-time website owners

By Tanisha Jindal

Google launched new features in google images to help people in using the images on the web with responsibility and find the image that they have a "right" to use. The features will benefit photographers, artists, and publishers in identifying photos that can be licensed to stand out for users. They will also be able to find out how to properly license them.

Images that will have licensing information as provided by the publishers will be displayed in search results with a "licensable" badge over the thumbnail. As the user clicks on the image, the licensing requirement along with the link where the user can buy the right to it will be visible.

Users can search for images according to the type of license attached by permitting them to filter image search results. Because of this users will be able to acquire images that are covered under a less strict Creative Commons License or search for commercial photos that are not at all covered under any sort of license.

This new licensable badge of Google Image had been in beta testing since February 2020 and is finally live now. Google said that due to the clearly infinite number of images online, finding the correct image to use and knowing how to use that image responsibly isn't always a simple task.

Google has worked with Shutterstock's VP of content operation Paul Brennan and the imaging licensing industry towards these features. It believes features will help both image creators and image consumers in bringing more visibility to how the creator's content can be licensed properly and in understanding the nature of the content they are looking at on Google Images respectively.

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