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A gang that once threatened a Bollywood star, got arrested during an ongoing gang war!

By Manisha Jangir

A special cell of the Delhi Police caught four members of Lawrence Bishnoi gang in Rohini's Begumpur Area. All four got injured as Police fired on their hands and legs and were admitted to the hospital. According to the Police, Pakistan made firearms, Bulletproof jackets and Bulletproof helmets were recovered from the possession of all four accused. They all were travelling in a Polo Volkswagen and were on their way to eliminate a person.

Lawrence Bishnoi gang once highlighted for threatening Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan for killing blackbuck. They threatened him in the year 2018. In connection with the case, one of his gang members was also arrested from Bengaluru. The Gang is really desperate and has involvement in a lot of crimes like 15 cases of murder and attempt to murders in Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. The gang is also involved in the other cases of extortion, robbery and land grabbing in outskirts of the states. They also killed three persons in Gurugram in a gang war.

The four accused have been identified as Amit alias Kala, Sonu Mitraun, Rohit alias Landa and Ravinder alias Sarkar. A trap was laid by the special cell of the Delhi Police at around 3:30 am. One white Polo car that had the MP number plate was spotted on the road and was coming back from Keragaon side. It was identified by the Police informer as it was frequently used by the criminals.

The car driver was signalled to stop the car but instead of stopping the car, he sped up his vehicle. The way was blocked by putting an Innova car and when their car struck the divider, it stopped. They came out of the car and instead of surrendering, they tried to escape from the Police. When they found themselves surrounded by police, they started firing on the police officials. Nearly fifty bullets were fired from both sides. However, Police overpowered all of them.

Four automatic pistols with fifty live cartridges and two country-made pistols with ten live cartridges and three Bulletproof jackets with three head bulletproof have been recovered from the possession of the accused persons, Police said.

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