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A legal notice sent to Kangana Ranaut

By Ritika Ray

Kangana Ranaut is all over the breaking news nowadays. Starting from Sushant Singh Rajput's death to the drug probe, she never keeps quiet when it comes to controversies.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut received a legal notice by former Mumbai police for her statement on the Mumbai Police force. The cop sent the notice to demand an apology from the actress. Kangana recently commented on social media comparing Mumbai to Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and the Taliban Defamatory. She also asked for protection from the Himachal Pradesh government because she didn’t trust the Mumbai Police department.

In the legal notice that was sent to Kangana it is mentioned that she must justify the comment she said or else she must be prepared to pay for damages for defaming the police department in Mumbai. On Monday, Shiv Sena in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly demanded a resolution for legal actions against Kangana Ranaut as she has hampered the Image of Maharashtra and Mumbai Police in her social media accounts.

Also, as she had requested for security, she has been given the Y plus category, which means she will now be protected by 10 armed commandos 24*7 as she will be visiting Mumbai on 9th September.

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