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A lesson for Kareena Kapoor’s ego, being criticized for asking people not to watch the films of star

Kareena Kapoor’s legends of being rude and arrogant are not unknown. It looked like she does not even care for what people have to say about her. Her recent actions made her a subject of permanent criticism by the people. In an interview, she was seen talking about how nepotism is a creation of the audience. He further said that no one has forced people to watch films and if they have so much problem, they must simply not watch the films of star kids.

Kareena’s statement triggered the netizens and a huge and angry wave of criticism filled the microblogging site Twitter. People were angry with her arrogant and egoistic behaviour and trolled her endlessly. Some have decided to boycott her film Lal Singh Chaddha. Some were expecting that this was a new strategy of her to promote her film. Her new film Lal Singh Chaddha with Amir Khan as co-star will be released on the Christmas of 2021. It is a remake of Hollywood film Forest Grump.

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