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A Man assassinated nine people to cover up one murder!

By Manisha Jangir

A horrifying murder case have been reported in telanagana. According to the incident, nearly after five months the accused has been sentenced to death. In May, the accused , Sanjay Kumar Yadav had killed nine people to cover up another murder that he had committed earlier. In further investigation it was found that Sanjay used to work at a gunny manufacturing unit. He murdered six members of a family.

The first one who was murdered by Sanjay was his live-in partner. In March he killed her and the remaining murders were committed in the following months. As the first murder was committed in Andhra Pradesh so the separate trial is on in that case. The remaining were murdered in Telangana’s warangal. A video has been produced by the prosecution in which Sanjay can be seen raping his 16 year old live in partner’s daughter. Beside rape he also has been booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

According to the investigation Sanjay is a native of Bihar and migrated to Warangal six years ago. Sanjay tried to befool his live-in partner and promised to marry her. They both boarded a train to introduce her to family on 6 March. While they were on the way he gave her buttermilk laced with sleeping pills and pushed her out of the moving train. Then he returned to Warangal but the Woman’s relative couldn't find her, so they threatened him to file a complaint. He got scared and to cover up his first murder, he killed them all by first intoxicating and then pushing them into a well.

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