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A Married Woman Denuded, and Filmed as a Punishment for Elopement? Read to know more.

By Neha Mallick

In a village of Arunachal Pradesh, a woman left her husband and eloped with another married man. And later, she ended up getting punished by the villagers as they denuded her, bathed her in cold water, filmed her, chopped her hair and she was even deprived of eating anything.

After almost surviving and tolerating five years of derogatory marriage, a woman of a village in Arunachal Pradesh tried to wish for better for herself and made up her mind to run away with another man who she hoped would change the course of her life for better. Despite how the plan was going to work out for her, she was marked as immoral and guilty by the people of her village. She belonged to a village in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. On the late-night of September 25th, she was dragged out of the car, and bathed with ice-cold water. She was denuded by the women of the village. She had to hear abusive terms, and all this while, she was being filmed. On the face of humiliation, she tried to save herself from all of it, but the videos have gone all viral by now. A list of 38 people have been under the radar and an FIR complaint has been filed against them. Till now, 15 villagers have been arrested. Out of which, 9 happen to be women.

The determination to flee was not taken by her in a day or two. She said this as her statement that several discussions had taken place among her in-laws and her family and they were still not beneficial enough. There were no changes in the way she was tortured all the while in her marriage life. She also confessed how she had a stillbirth twice. Once, when she was kicked in her abdomen by her husband one night. And when it happened again, she was so severely in pain that she was bound to be admitted in the hospital. Her mother-in-law, always sided with her son and used to physically torture her. And this was almost a habit to them. The other man, that the woman had eloped within a hope to change her life for good, was well aware of her critical past and all that she had been through since the last 5 years. Subsequently seeing her condition and misery, the other man pursued her for marriage to which the woman refused at first. Later, one September night, they decided to elope and run away to Tinsukia, Assam.

Soon enough, the eloped couple were contacted by the man's family. The family asked them to move back to the village and that they would take up and appreciate their new bond. At first, they denied but later made up their mind that they should be starting afresh with their family and hence decided to move back to the village. Midnight, on 25th of September, the couple reached back to their village. Most of the people from the village had gathered there and the woman was pulled out from the vehicle and her clothes were torn. She was denuded on the streets. The women of the village bathed her in cold water and cut her hair. This was notified by the Lekang’s Women Welfare Association of Narcotics Cell. While the men of the village filmed it, the women shredded the remaining pieces of clothing from her body. The victim tried all she could to hide her body. She was left aloof at a school with no clothes and no food was given to her until the next day. The man with whom she eloped was whacked when he tried to stop the villagers from abusing the woman. The villagers rationalized that they were punishing the woman for “shaming” their community.

After the occurrence, the burghers held a gathering to discuss the further actions they were about to take. The woman's family members were however not called to it. In conclusion, an undisputed decision was made in which the victim had to move away from the village and the man that she eloped with was mandated to cut all ties with her. The woman’s grandfather was later given 40,000 rupees as reimbursement.

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