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A minor girl murders her younger sister for a shocking reason. Know here!

By Manisha Jangir

A shocking incident has been reported from a village of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. According to the report, an 11-year old girl was brutally murdered by her own elder sister. On Friday Morning Police found the body of the deceased near the railway track of Dhaura railway crossing. In further investigation, it has been found that her boyfriend also helped her in the crime.

According to the police, both sisters went to Mirzapur for an outing with the elder sister's boyfriend on a bike. On Thursday afternoon they both left the house by informing their family that they were going to get their bicycle repaired. They all enjoyed and had food at a restaurant and purchased clothes, after that they left for their home. While coming back home the younger sister fell asleep. The girlfriend-boyfriend both took advantage of the situation and decided to kill her. They strangulated her and then dumped her body on the railway tracks near the Dhaura railway crossing and after this, they both fled.

When both sisters got late and didn't reach home late Thursday evening, their Father went to Padri police station and registered a complaint of kidnapping. The Superintendent of Police of Mirzapur, Ajay Kumar Singh informed that when the police went on the search they could only locate the elder girl but didn't find the younger one.

On Friday Morning Police found the dead body of the girl on the railway track and after that, they interrogated the elder sister. She confessed the crime and when she was asked for the motive she said that her parents gave step-motherly treatment to her but loved her younger sister. She also used to create hurdles in her relationship. The Police SP said that the accused and her boyfriend have been arrested.

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