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A search of new sponsors to start: IPL in UAE

The latest news suggests that in the 15th edition of IPL that is going to start in UAE, Vivo that used to be the title sponsor will no longer be associated as title sponsor brand from this edition of IPL. This is officially announced on August 6th by the authorized body handling the IPL.

This was already understood as the many news of the IPL body and the Chinese company of being apart were already making rounds on the social platforms.

Now, the round of bid will start and the BCCI is planning to invite new sponsors for the IPL.

The fact of IPL canceling the association with Vivo is seen as a matter of patriotism as the trend of boycotting Chinese products and apps has been there in the country.

But, the matter is known to be connected to the Market strategies. BCCI had the confirmation of the same for a longer time. The body does not want to wave off the project of 440 crores with the Chinese Company.

Board had the idea that the contract will continue but before the approval, the news of contract breakage came into the market.

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