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A sonic boom in Paris, what could it be? Know here!

By Anwesha Dash

The sonic boom that alarmed the French capital was reportedly caused by a warplane flying at supersonic speed.

On 30th September, around noon, a super boom was heard in Paris. The sound was so loud that it completely shook the capital city and was also heard in the suburbs. It took the people and the police in a flurry to find out the source of the sound. A terrorist attack was speculated since a few days ago, on different occasions, a knife attack that the government called an act of terror and an anonymous call to the authorities regarding a bomb planted near the Eiffel Tower had the Parisians already on alert and unnerved, even though nothing of the sort was found anywhere near the French monument, and might have been a prank taken too far.

The sound was also heard in the Roland Garros stadium during the French Open Tennis Tournament. Both the players, Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland and Dominik Koepfer of Germany, abruptly paused in shock and anxiousness. The sound also rattled windows and doors in a lot of buildings across the city. The police asked the worried netizens to not call the emergency helpline.

But it seems that all the speculations and confusions were in nought since the boom was caused by Rafale, a military warplane, flying at supersonic speed. An Air Force spokesperson said that the Rafale was authorized to break the sound barrier to assist another aircraft that had lost contact. And since the sound barrier was broken it caused a boom that appeared similar to an explosion.