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A sport beyond emotion and overcoming struggle!

By S Sai Jagannath

Cricket is a game full of emotions and sentiments. And especially in India, it's much bigger than the endorsement and brand value that are associated with it. It's about people's emotions and their love towards all the players.

There have been many incidents of we've seen where cricket players even after their personal loses have continued playing for their team. This not only shows how passionate the players are but moreover, it demonstrates their devotion and dedication towards cricket. During this IPL, there have been a few incidents where players have proved how devoted they are towards the game.

During the recent match between KXIP and SRH, Mandeep Singh who plays for KXIP as a top-order batsman came out to bat even after losing him just hours ago. When asked about it he said that he was doing what his father always wanted him to accomplish. He scored 17 runs in the low scoring match where KXIP scored a total of 126 beating SRH by 12 runs and jumping to the No.5 position with 10points just below KKR. After the match was won the whole team huddled up and dedicated the win to Mandeep's father. 

These are particular acts of kindness and devotion that stand above the game. They depict just one thing that "How great a game cricket is". The fact that someone can play cricket even after such a big loss is just stunning but earlier Virat Kohli and now Mandeep Singh has proved it otherwise and put their game before their own emotions in the hope of fulfilling their father's dream. Cricket is a game of emotions that start from yards to every inch of this country.

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