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A TB survivor got raped by the medical staff in one of the leading hospitals!

By Manisha Jangir

In gurugram, a 21 year old girl was allegedly raped by the medical staff. It all happened when the woman who was admitted to the ICU of the fortis hospital in sector 44 and she was unconscious. The incident highlighted when she wrote a note to her father after gaining consciousness. She informed her father following which a case has been registered. The family suspected that this all happened between October 21 and October 27. On 21 October she was rushed to Fortis hospital after having breathing problems. She was put on a ventilator and was shifted to a private room of the ICU. On Tuesday when her father went to meet her, she handed over a written note to him. She uttered ‘Vikas’ to her father.

A case was filed after her father went to the Police station. As the victim had named him, the police identified him and questioned the hospital staff who were working at the ward. On further investigation it was revealed that the accused didn't belong to the medical staff and was hired through outsourcing.

Police Commissioner, KK Rao said, “On Wednesday, a medical investigation has been conducted by a board of doctors from civil hospital and police protection has been provided to the patient. She will be counselled after she recovers.” A statement released by the Fortis hospital said that they are cooperating with authorities and furnishing all the details.

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