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A win for Biden is a win for democracy?

By Anwesha Dash

Joe Biden asks to adhere to the rules of democracy and to count every vote, while Trump demands to stop counting the votes.

The most anticipated election is fairly near its end, and the petulant "might be former" President of the U.S.A, Donald Trump has accused every state of fraudulent elections, except for the few where he is leading. He has demanded to stop counting the votes, which goes completely against the fulcrum of democracy where "every vote counts". His supporters crowded in Pennsylvania and protested to stop counting. Ironically in Arizona where Trump has to make some grounds, his supporters also protested to count every vote.


Joe Biden, on the other hand, is very adamant about upholding democracy and asked to count every single vote. This has won him more supporters. He has said that people of America would no longer be "silenced" or "bullied". He is also leading in Georgia which is a key state making him only one electoral vote away from white house victory.


Naturally, Trump is not happy with these developments and has been throwing out accusations left, right, and center. He has charged everyone for being involved in "fraudulent election practices" for not getting his way. It seems as if he finds the voting system as a hindrance to his dictating and fascist ways. He tweeted with vehemence and belligerence that any vote that comes in after Election Day would not be counted. But again twitter blocked the tweet and put an inconspicuous warning that some votes still might be counted.

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