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A woman runs off with jewellery out of three marriages!

By Neha Mallick

A woman aged 27 years old has been arrested for supposedly ditching men after marrying them. The woman has later confessed to the Police that she indeed joined a fraud after she and her spouse lost their employment whilst in the pandemic.

The woman held from Aurangabad has been charged for ditching several men on the excuse of marriage. As per the reports found, the woman has wedded three men in the course of the past three months and has later run off with their valuable possessions.

The culprit and her spouse are residents of Mukundwadi area, Aurangabad. The woman goes by the name Vijaya Amrute. The couple claimed the loss of their respective jobs whilst the pandemic period. Handling the monetary crisis, the woman decided to join a fraud cult where she married three men in the last three months.

The swindle cult was uncovered when a man named Yogesh Shirsath belonging from Nashik district filed a report of his wife gone missing only to find out later that she has already been married to another man and has disappeared with all the costly possessions.

A case was lodged and the culprit was held captive on 31st of October, Saturday. During the preparatory inquiry, it was found that the culprit first got married to Yogesh Shirsath and ran off with all his valuables after staying with him for about two weeks. Later, she got married to a man named Sandeep Darade from Raigad, Karjat. And the third groom was a man from western Maharashtra whose identity hasn't been revealed yet.

The Police have also found out that the woman was linked to a couple who kept a record of men looking for a suitable woman for marriage. Once the wedding gets confirmed, the couple would take almost a cash amount of Rs 2-5 lakhs which also comprises their payment and the wedding expenditures. After the wedding ceremony, the culprit posing as the bride would run away with jewellery and other expensive possessions.

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