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AAP will not allow SC to mandate on slum demolition

By Kunika Chaudhary

After the mandate by Supreme court AAP, the ruling party in Delhi is trying to convince people that they will stand for them and will not let demolition happen.

The Supreme Court has given a mandate about the demolition of around 48,000 slum clusters which are located inside the safety zones along railway tracks in Delhi in three months. Lakhs of people will lose their homes and places where they stay with their family. AAP is not at all happy and convinced with this order. On Thursday spokesperson of AAP who is MLA from Rajinder Nagar constituency spoke about their stand on this situation. He mentioned Delhi's CM as the elder son of those families and added that he will not let anything happen to their houses. He blamed the Bharatiya Janta Party for this act. He also tore the mandate by saying that this mandate is against humanity and the constitution. This notice is stopping people from living their life with equal rights.

He further said that these people are also citizens and have equal rights as BJP people do. According to them in Tughlakabad demolishing orders were suddenly pasted on the doors of people quoting that their house will be destroyed on 11 September 2020 and in some other areas on Delhi dates is 14 September 2020. Whereas on another hand politician, Ramesh Bidhuri said that Delhi government is trying to distract people from the right way. Instead of speaking they should work in staying arrangements for those people and distribute them houses under Rajiv Ratan Awaas Yojana.

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