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Abhay Deol reflects on blind items and side effects

By Anwesha Padhi

Actor Abhay Deol has time and again voiced his opinion on sensitive and important issues, and have done it again. He recently called out the very unfortunate prominence of a lobbying culture in the Hindi film industry.

Mr. Deol has now criticised the publication of blind items. Talking about irresponsible reportage in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case in an interview to Hungama, the Dev'D actor said that blind items can be of particular harm to sensitive people, who’d find it difficult to deal with, and ultimately affect their entire careers. Blind items are published news reports about a certain person or event without revealing the identities of persons involved.

As for himself, the actor is now familiar with the pressure and coping mechanisms having grown up in a family of actors. With respect to lobbying, Mr. Deol had previously said that the lobby culture is imminent in the industry since decades and people conform to the same, encouraging it further. On the work front, the actor's latest release, JL50, is now streaming on SonyLiv.

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