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Actor Suriya spoke against judiciary, yet exempted from legal case, know how!

By Smriti Tripathi

The Madras High Court declined to initiate criminal contempt proceeding against Tamil Actor Suriya for his statement against the judicial system in the light of NEET, National Eligibility-cum-Enterance Test.

The High Court said one should carefully make up their minds and then express themselves within the border of just and fair criticism. Likewise, it is not the duty of a constitutional court to point out for avoiding something which can be judged to be not capable of even being underlay as contempt, much less debated to the level of criminal activities.

Chief Justice Amreshwar Pratap Sahi and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy made the pronouncement after taking receipt of agreement on Advocate General Vijay Narayan's opinion that there was no need to start criminal contempt proceeding against the Actor Suriya. Justice S.M. Subramanian of the High Court had written to the Chief Justice on Sunday, aside to the actor's statement against the judiciary.

The Actor Suriya, involved in educating poor students through his Agaram Foundation, was disturbed by the Supreme Court having ignored to exempt students from NEET for medical institution admission. He said to the court that it was functioning virtually “fearing a threat to life” and was expecting medical students to write the examination without any terror of COVID-19.

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