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Actress Shama Sikander on the Bollywood drug case

By Ritika Ray

Bypass Road actress, Shama Sikander revealed her opinion regarding the Sushant Singh Rajput drug case which is making headlines for a while along with other discussions related to nepotism and mental health.

Sikander says that while highlighting such issues might prove good for the industry, some people are going overboard by accusing the whole Bollywood industry. As a result, people's dreams of becoming a star are getting crushed. According to Sikander, Bollywood has also provided the masses with talented actors who entertain us and also prove to be a major source of income for them. She thinks that people are being brainwashed into focusing on just the negative aspects.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut remarked that almost 99% of the people in Bollywood are into drugs. But Sikander upon being questioned on the drug mafia stated that no one can be persuaded against their will to do drugs. She has been to parties that served drugs and also to those that didn't. It just depends on one's choice. She also added that sometimes people do commit mistakes but they can also be brought to the right track by fighting against such issues sensitively and correctly.

Speaking on the topic of nepotism, Sikander also mentions that due to the prevalence of groupism in Bollywood, outsiders suffer a lot as producers only want to work with big stars. So, she concludes by saying that it's up to the audience to decide, whether they want to see the movies of star kids only or give the outsiders a chance for their talent to be recognized.

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