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Adhyayan Suman’s view on drug abuse in Bollywood

By Ritika Ray

After Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise, Kangana Ranaut has been hitting the headlines more often. Upon the revelation of the drug angle in the death of Sushant’s case, Kangana has made a serious allegation on Bollywood.

Kangana is very active on social media these days and keeps the public as well as her fans updated. Kangana has accused the Bollywood industry of many things including Nepotism. She has been open about talks of nepotism and drug use in the industry and has often tagged the Bollywood hub as “movie mafia” or “suicide Gang”.

Actor Adhyayan Suman and Kangana had dated earlier and the former shared his views on the comments made by Kangana. He said that he has been to some parties where there were drugs but 99% of the people weren’t consuming them. He asked why was the industry being targeted? If people were looking for a clean drive it should happen all over the world because Bollywood is not the only one that's into drugs. He also said that targeting everyone is wrong. They also have their family and reputation.

Adhyayan also mentioned that he has smoked hash four to five times under influence, no one else can say about him that he did drugs. He also said in an interview where Kangana and Adhyayan had a huge fight after he denied consuming cocaine with her at her birthday party.

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