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After a new party what's new is coming in the Bihar election!

By Kunika Chaudhary

The Bihar election is taking very interesting and political turns from the last few weeks. Founder of the newly formed 'Plurals' party claimed she can win elections.

Bihar election is very near and all political parties are trying their best to win this election. This election is very unique and different as it is happening during pandit so many changes were brought regarding the voting booth. However, If we see it from a political angle many things have changed. From all the controversies it seems clear that LJP will contest the election in alliance with the BJP-JDU ' NDA' alliance. Chirag Paswan had made his stand very clear regarding the situation with the alliance. Prime minister Modi is still supporting the alliance and appreciated CM Nitish Kumar at many events. Things can be more difficult for the parties, as the newly formed party ' Plurals' ' is also in the field this time. Pushpam Priya Chowdhary founder of the ' Plurals party ' is very confident and hopes that her party will win against ' maha gathbandhan'.

The blame game against each other is now leading to the personal levels as the opposition and the ruling party is involving the families in their speech and citizens are not so happy with this situation. Meanwhile, during these controversies, some opinion polls were organized according to which NDA alliance can form a government where BJP can come as the largest solo party and LJP will be getting 3 seats only. Everyone is looking forward to this election as it can decide a lot for the future perspective. As you all know the voting will happen in 3 phases 28 October,3 November, and 7 November with all precautions. So we don't have to wait for long. This time this election can decide a lot and it can surely impact future elections.

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