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After Pandemic now Twindemic? Click to find out

By Ritika Nath

The United States recently crossed the mark of 200,000 deaths from the deadly coronavirus, and as the days are going by the pandemic is getting focused by more than two epicentres. Instead of one virus, there might be several other new viruses which might lead to the fallout of humankind.

Now, this is raising fears all over the United States that when winter approaches the possibility of the rate of viral infections infecting people could get higher than what happened during the summer.

The United States is approximately losing more than 800 people a day to this deadly coronavirus compared with less than 15 a day on average in Germany, Israel, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

However new reported cases are now coming at a low rate about 50% from the peak in July, still, theU.S. is reporting nearly 40,000 new infections a day on an average, crossing the highest number in the developed world.

Dr Anthony Fauci predicted that he would be more likely to see the average new cases to get below 10,000 as from October the flu season would be starting and it would become deadly if both the coronavirus and normal flu gets combined.

He even stated during a panel discussion with doctors at Harvard Medical School, that people need to brace themselves so that they would be able to go through both the fall and winter as this phase won’t be easy for them, and asked everybody to not underestimate and take this pandemic lightly. But he also assured people that in the past they all have faced such a situation and they went through it without any dangerous hassles.

Robert Redfield, the Director of Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recently warned the public that Americans might be facing this disastrous fall and asked them to brace themselves for the outbreak of the possible “twindemic” of Coronavirus cases and the seasonal flu collaborating.

As we are approaching October, people need to reinforce themselves and get ready to face this twindemic together.

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