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After Zoom, Google Meets have pushed an update to change the background!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Google Meets a popular video conferencing application developed by Google is now pushing a new update where the users will be able to change the background of themselves through one link.

After Zoom, Google Meets is one of the most used video-conferencing applications by educational institutes all over the world. Zoom application had one of the most important and unique features where the user could change their background online live while being present in a video meeting. Google Meets which is currently one of the most used applications for video conferencing after privacy concerns that arose against the Zoom Meeting application. As Google Meets lacked the update of changing background life, now Google has started rolling the new update where users could directly change their background in Google Meets.

Currently, this new update is available only for the people who are using Google Meets on their Personal Computer or laptop. So, people who are using Google Meets on their smartphone will be unable to find the option but people who are using their laptop or computer can find a new option of change background in the right side corner of their meeting, where they can add any custom background or use any of the available free backgrounds that are being provided Google. Not only this, but people can also blur their background through Google Meets with level background blur where users can choose less blur or maximum blur. With this feature, it gives a good addition for people to use Google Meets.

Digital education as well as digital working has taken a revolution due to the ongoing Pandemic of CoronaVirus due to which, Online Video Conferencing has arisen as a hope to continue with the new normal. Due to lacking behind the feature, people used to do the third party make shifters to fulfill their need of changing background in Google Meets. Changing background through live meetings is an important update for all the teachers who are taking online classes and are interested to hide their home background to maintain certain privacy.

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