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AIIMS Delhi reports the first case of COVID-19 linked with brain damage in an 11-year-old girl!

By Sharonya Kundu

New Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) has announced its first COVID-19 case that induced brain nerve damage in an 11-year-old-girl, which has led her to blurred vision.

The doctors and clinicians in the child neurology division will be producing a report on her health condition soon. This is the first case that has appeared in the pediatric age group. Coronavirus infection-induced Acute Demyelinating Syndrome (ADS) in that small girl. The nerves are protected with a layer called myelin that assists the messages to move swiftly and evenly from the brain through the body. Acute Demyelinating Syndrome (ADS) incorporates a few health conditions that cause harm to the brain signals, myelin and attack a range of neurological functions such as senses, muscle movements, vision, bowel movement, and bladder problems.

The girl had a loss of vision before she was admitted to the hospital. We all know that the coronavirus majorly affects the lungs and the brain. The girl was receiving treatment under doctor Gulati's supervision. Improvement in her condition was observed after immunotherapy and then she was discharged after she regained 50 percent of her vision back. Diseases like Kawasaki, Encephalitis, Epilepsy, Guillian- barre syndrome are ordinary health issues that children with coronavirus often suffer from the above-mentioned diseases. Some of these brain conditions may unfavorably affect long-term neurodevelopment consequences. These children require regular follow-through care that can be a challenge for an impecunious country like India.

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