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Air India Pilots warn the system over salary cut

The government has made a cut of 40% and 50% of the salaries of pilots and other staff respectively.

A warning was raised by the pilots of the government-owned airline Air India to the government over the salary cut. If the reports are to be believed, a letter has been forwarded to the government by the airline discussing the ill effects the cut can cause.

The senior staff of pilots wrote they are going through drastic problems after the salary cut. The decision is Psychologically challenging. The government should look into this matter.

The fact to think upon is that Air India has played a heroic and powerful role in bringing the stuck Indians abroad back in the country in this time of the pandemic.

A week prior, Air India already announced the salary cut of all the crew including pilots up to 40%.

The company pays a whopping whole amount of 230+ crores/month to its employees in salary and allowances, and since the operations are negligible in a pandemic, the airline is going through a heavy economical crisis.

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