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Amazon Halo Fitness Band that detects “Positivity” in the user's voice

By Tanisha Jindal

Amazon, an e-commerce giant, is entering into the health gadget market by unveiling a new fitness band and subscription service called Halo. This new fitness wearable item “Amazon Halo Band” is designed to track not only your movements and sleep but also analyses positivity and that too from the tone of users' voice.

Unlike other watches or basic fitbits, Halo Band is screenless and communicates via an LED indicator along with Amazon's AI-powered Halo app to do heavy lifting and feedback. The app comes with the usual set of fitness tracking features plus two more added innovative features that are: use of the camera to create a 3D scan for body fat and detecting the emotion by listening to your voice.

In order to make it wearable even at night time, it comes with a fabric strap. The band is completely water-resistant and chargeable in just 90 minutes which lasts up to seven days. An accelerometer, a temperature sensor, and a heart-rate monitor are some sensors present in it. There are two microphones as well for voice analysis which can be turned on/off by pressing the button on the wristband.

However, it lacks standard options like GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular radio.

The Halo Band costs $99.99 and the service costs $3.99 per month. Amazon has also launched an invite-only early access program at a price of $64.99 that includes six months of the service for free. Also, keep in mind that this Halo service is a distinct product that isn’t part of Amazon Prime.

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