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Amazon's 30-minute drone delivery wins US FAA approval

By Tanisha Jindal

Getting an Amazon product delivered from the sky may turn into a reality for people in the US now. The US Federal Aviation Administration has granted Amazon permission to deliver the packages with the help of drones.

Amazon is delighted by the approval but it is still looking forward to completing the testing and flying of drones. As of now, Amazon declared nothing regarding when exactly this service will start. Since 2013, Amazon is testing the fleet and aiming to make deliveries in 30 minutes or less. But somehow the process was slowed down due to regulatory hurdles.

In 2013, Jeff Bezos (Amazon's CEO and Founder) claimed in a TV interview that the drones would be flying to customers' homes within five years. The previous year Amazon released the self-piloting drones that were fully electric and were able to carry 5 pounds of goods. At that time also, an Amazon executive asserted that deliveries to shoppers through drones would be happening within months but more than 14 months have passed since then.

Hence, presently Amazon has become one of the only a handful of companies that got certified by the US government to operate a drone airline. The clearance allows Amazon to begin its first commercial deliveries in the US under a trial program.

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