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America has two systems of justice, says Kamala Harris

By Ritika Nath

From the beginning of time, the US has been having two systems of justice, one for White Americans and another for Black Americans, says Kamala Harris the first-ever black woman who’s been nominated as the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, the senator from India criticized President Trump and his general attorney for denying that there’s no systematic racism in the US’s justice system.

Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running teammate Kamala Harris stood for the elections against President Donald Trump and Vise President Mike Pence of the Republican Party. To challenge the opposition Harris has been criticizing President Trump’s rules and regulations. Recently she raised this issue of President Trump and his colleagues denying that there are two systems of justice in the US, stating that members of the Republican Party are unrealistic.

In an interview from CNN Harris told that the present situation of justice in America has been continuing since the beginning of time and generations after generations have faced two systems of judicial proceedings. But with that, she also mentioned that she is optimistic and hopeful for America as the citizens hold dear to an ideal which is mentioned in the Supreme Court that there is equal justice under law.

With this Kamala also stated that “While we have two systems of justice, we also fight for equal justice under law. And that means doing what Joe Biden and I are proposing, which is having a criminal justice system that, yes, bans choke hands and carotid holds, make sure that we’re going to require accountability for police officers who break the rules and break the law.”

Harris also said that the administration has decided to invest in communities but by doing that huge disparity in the country based on race would start getting recognised. So it would be of no use if they are not able to solve these disparities by investing a huge amount of resources.

The US’s top law enforcement official, Barr, dismissed all the idea about the two system judicial proceedings and stated that they all need to be careful when it comes to the idea of throwing racism around and that this particular idea is difficult to implement and not that easy as people are suggesting.

Protests and mob against racism and racial injustice especially in law enforcement and precincts have spread across America when the violence against Black Americans started by the police officials itself, including George Floyd in Minneapolis, Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Daniel Prude in Rochester, New York which dominated the exclusive news and headlines in recent months.

Promising to create safe communities by investing resources in developing the groups is what Harris is claiming. She also said that they will invest in the health department as healthy communities are supposed to be known as the safest communities.

Only time would show how these communities get developed and evolved and what benefits would be implemented if two systems justice starts happening.

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