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America revokes more than 1,000 visas for Chinese nationals deemed security risks

By Ritika Nath

The United States of America overruled more than 1,000 visas for Chinese nationals mostly students and researchers who deemed to be security risks after the release of the presidential proclamation to suspend their entry, made on May 29th, a State Department spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

The US Department’s acting head of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, stated in a statement that Washington had to revoke the visas of the Chinese graduate students and researchers because they had ties with the Chinese military and was strategizing to steal and appropriate sensitive research, which belonged to the US.

Wolf also mentioned in a statement that the US charges of unjust and wrongful business practices and industrial spying by China, including venturing for stealing the Coronavirus research and accused it of ill-treating student visas to exploit American academic life.

Wolf said that the US was also trying to inhibit all the goods produced by China which use slave labour from entering their markets, by demanding that China starts respecting the basic human rights and valuing the dignity of each labour, pointing the direction towards the alleged abuses of Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region.

As part of the US response to China’s curbs on democracy in Hong Kong, on May 29th this visa action was taken under the proclamation which was announced by President Donald Trump as stated by a State Department’s spokeswoman. She claimed, “As of September 8, 2020, the Department has revoked more than 1,000 visas of PRC nationals who were found to be subject to Presidential Proclamation 10043 and therefore ineligible for a visa.”

The ruled out ineligible high-risk graduate students and the research scholars represented a small group of Chinese members coming to The United States to study and research for their purposes, and that the US would still welcome those students and scholars who are legitimate and legally approved, said by the spokeswoman.

In June, China resolutely opposed any move made by the US for the restrictions made on Chinese students for pursuing their proposed degrees by studying in the United States. Due to this, they urged Washington to do more to enhance and build up their mutual exchanges and understanding.

As per the records, approximately 360,000 students and scholars from China is currently studying in the United States, which brings a hefty amount of revenue to the colleges and universities of the country, although the Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected and disrupted the return to the college and university campus this autumn semester.

The deteriorating relations of China and the US has recorded to be one of the greatest clashes among the biggest economies of the world which have led to the rise of many issues faced by all the sides of both the countries.

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