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Amid Corona, Britain gives good news

The Corona crisis is becoming worse day by day and every nation is looking up to each other for making the pandemic a step easier to live through.

Vaccines are in the trials, and multiple reports from different agencies are coming every day.

In this time, even single news of ease fills us with another hope.

The same was seen when the Health Minister of Britain announced that they are soon going to launch 2 tests which shall be able to give the test results within 90 minutes. The Health Department also stated that the swab and the DNA test will be more effective in the cold weather comparatively to the nature of the deadly virus.

The machines which shall be helpful in carrying the tests are still in the usage trials in the hospitals of London.

According to the Health Department, these machines will help in getting the results of the Corona test in 90 minutes which will definitely help in breaking the chain of the infection.

This will also help to get faster results and thus the tests could be conducted on an even larger level.

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