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Amid the Pandemic, the Nepal govt. opens Everest

The tourism department of the Nepal has finally green flagged the tourism at Mt. Everest. The tourism was shut since 5 months due to the pandemic of corona. From July 30th, the peak of Mt. Everest and other peaks have been opened by the authorities.

Mount Everest is one of the most liked visits by the tourists from all around the world.

As per reports, the spring season's hiking missions (March-May) are cancelled. A normal mission to climb up the mount takes from 45 to 90 days which differs from changing weathers from time to time.

Earlier due to the pandemic all the permits were pulled down.

The peak has been the favourite destination since it is the highest mountain above sea level in the world located at the Himalayas.

At its summit point, the China-Nepal border runs.

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