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Amit Shah admitted in a private hospital, yet again

By Ankita Mohanty

PM Modi’s closest ally, Amit Shah was seen admitting himself in a private hospital in Delhi yet again on Saturday.

It seems like the Union Home Minister’s unabating trip to the hospital isn’t coming to an end as he visits hospital again for a check-up ahead of a scheduled session of parliament, for the third time.

Last month, the 55-year-old BJP politician tested positive for coronavirus and was taken to the private hospital Medanta in Gurgaon. On August 14, 12 days later the news broke out, Amit Shah tweeted that he would be in-home isolation for a few more days abetting advice of his doctors. He was later admitted to the AIIMS on August 18 due to “fatigue and body ache”, as what can be seen as the aftermaths of COVID-19 and was released on August 31st.

Shah’s recent admittance is in line with advice he was given when he was last discharged from hospital, and the home minister is likely to spend one to two days at the state-run facility, the establishment said.

Last night, at around 11 pm, news broke out that Shah was stationed in the hospital due to breathing problems and that his condition is stable. Several BJP leaders including Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh took to twitter to wish him a speedy recovery.

As the COVID tally reaches an all-time national high of 4.75 million, no one seems to be safe from the clutches of the deadly disease. We hope for the steady recovery of Home Minister Amit Shah.

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