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Another blow to China, this country also orders to ban Tik Tok and WeChat.

Rising negative sentiments towards China, Chinese firm's faces another ban for it commercial operation. India has already shown door to 106 Chinese Apps including Tik Tok, Cam Scanner etc, 59 apps were banned in June and 47 apps banned recently. Modi government, put this ban after brutal face-off in Galwan valley between Indian and Chinese Soldiers. 20 Indian Soldiers were killed in this face-off, however, casualties on Chinese side was never revealed but as per some reports high number of causalities sustained by Chinese Army.

Now, after India, world most powerful nation US also to put ban on any operation in country on Tik Tok and We Chat if not sold to US firm within 45 days. Two executive orders have been issued on 6th August by Trump's administration, in this regards.

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