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Another country to normalize relations with Israel?

By Anwesha Dash

After UAE and Bahrain, Sudan to normalize ties with Israel under Trump’s administration.

After the eradication of the feud between Israel and UAE, Donald Trump the President of the U.S. achieves another feat of normalizing the friction between another Arab nation and Israel. In a diplomatic move, Trump announced days before the U.S. Presidential elections that Sudan will be another nation of Arab descent to recognize Israel.

Sudan on its way of development and restoration has started its war against state-sponsored terrorism and has been reportedly started appeasement of the U.S. Hence to end the infamy of being a terrorist state and to enter the good books of the U.S, Sudan has agreed to sign the accord with Israel which is a close ally to the nation.

Reportedly, more Arab nations are on the way to recognizing Israel including Saudi Arabia which is a regional leader and home to the most sacred Islamic destinations. Trump announced that at least five nations are looking for peace mediations. He also attested that both the United States and Israel will aid in boosting the economy of the impoverished nation of Sudan. Even the Sudanese Prime-minister Abdalla Hamdock conferred that this move will open a lot of doors for the nation and provide ample opportunities in the international community.

Peace between Sudan and Israel is significant since, after the victory of Arab in the Arab-Israel war, it declared in Sudan the infamous "3 nos". No peace, no recognition, and no negotiations.

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