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Another COVID-19 vaccine developed by Russia

By Ishika Sahni

Russia has prepared another vaccine, appeased that it's the first coronavirus vaccine in the world. They had announced that they will launch the vaccine soon. This vaccine is named as EpiVacCorona.

EpiVacCorona Vaccine has been prepared in association with the Vector State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology. This vaccine is claimed as a safer vaccine for the coronavirus patients compared to the vaccine made before this named SputnikV vaccine was not safe patients saw some side effects after consuming that vaccine.

The test of this COVID-19 vaccine will be complete by September. In the first test, they used 57 volunteers for the trial of the vaccine. The drugs used in this second Russian Vaccine have been from the Russian top-secret plant that is from the Soviet Biological Weapons Research Plant in Siberia. The Vaccine has been prepared in the association with the Vector State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology, they are one of two utmost institutions in the world that has a huge stock of Chickenpox. Volunteers who were tried for the vaccine were hospitalised for 23 days, the aim was to check the immune response.

After the completion of the trial in September, the vaccine will start registering in October and production will start in November. No side effects of the vaccine have been seen till now in the trials. The Soviet Biological Weapons Research Plant and Vector Research Centre have worked together successfully many times and produced many successful antidotes of Bubonic Plague, Ebola, Cancer, etc.

Russian Ministry of Defense and Gamaleya Research Centre created a controversy for the 1st Russian vaccine that was registered earlier but Russia denied that and started the process of producing and marketing it with other countries.

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