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Are Captain Cool's comrades out of the competition?

By S Sai Jagannath

Is it happening? Is CSK really out of the race for playoffs? Is Dhoni-led CSK not going to win the IPL this year? These are all the questions that CSK fans have been asking themselves throughout the season and the answer to this is "well maybe". Maybe CSK won't qualify this year, maybe CSK is not in the race anymore, maybe they're not going to win this year.

CSK have won only 3 games out of the 9 that they've played. After their first win against MI, everyone thought that CSK is going to play hard this year as usual but 9 matches down the lane scenario look quite different. With only 3 wins in their bag, they've lost 90% chances of qualifying for the playoff considering the fact that DC, MI and RCB have already won 7 and 6 matches respectively and can still win 2-3 games each looking at their team line up. This leaves only one slot unfixed which KKR and SRH would like to book with at least 7-8 wins in their bag.KKR or SRH winning the match will only add more quality to the tournament although it may add a small window for CSKs hopes.

Talking about CSKs chance they have to do the impossible by winning 5 in 5 to qualify which looks quite unreliable. Considering their team and their rhythm it's tough for them to win matches in the latter half of the tournament. If CSK doesn't qualify this year it'll be the 3rd time that CSK won't qualify for playoffs. With a weak team and unreliable batting lineup, CSK has deteriorated from match to match.

With Dhoni being the leader of the side and CSKs past performances it feels quite surreal to see them not qualify. They've qualified 10times and played in the final for a record 8 times winning three IPL titles. So a failure of such a huge franchise can create a lot of buzzes but to sack them and hate them is illogical. They've played wonderfully over these years and one bad season cannot describe them. A few changes in the team with the inclusion of impactful players can do the trick for CSK may be in the latter half, but the chances of them qualifying looks quite tough for time being.

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