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Are Indians more immune to coronavirus? Find out.

By Sharonya Kundu

Millions of Indians have limited access to dirt-free water, consume unhygienic food, breathe foul air, and sleep in densely packed surroundings. This makes them unsafe for a number of non-communicable illnesses like diabetes, heart and chronic respiratory diseases, and cancer. Air pollution alone kills quite 1,000,000 Indians per annum.

Safe water, sanitation, and hygienic conditions are necessary for the safety of health against COVID-19. Almost three billion people - somewhat 40% of the world's population and living almost entirely in developing nations which means a lack of basic handwashing facilities. This concerns that the coronavirus would tear through the populations, and may lead to more deaths in India. Often access to doctors, sanitation, and hygiene is highly needed in these countries. It was not unexpected that COVID-19 would have miserable consequences within the low and low-middle-income countries.

However, it accounts for less than 10% of the world's deaths from the virus, and its case death rate or CFR, which measures deaths among COVID-19 patients, is a smaller amount than 2%, which is among the low records in the world. Low hygiene, lack of unpolluted drinkables, and unsanitary conditions may have actually saved many lives from severe COVID-19. Folks living in low and low-middle-income countries may be ready to exclude severe contamination due to exposure to varied germs from childhood, which provides them strong immunity to COVID-19.

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