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Are the employees of Karan Johar-run production house also linked in the drug peddling? Know here

By Swetaleena Mishra

After an interrogation of 24hrs on Friday, Khshitij Ravi Prasad, an employee of Indian Film Director and Producer-Karan Johar run Production House has been pulled in by NCB on Saturday. During the interrogation, NCB found Kshitij to be ambiguous and also found his answer to be ostensibly substandard. Kshitij was also interrogated about the video of Karan Johar’s party of 2019 at his very residence.

According to a report, after drugs were found at Kshitij’s place during a raid, he was taken to the NCB office as regularly he bought a huge amount of drugs. Marijuana and some amount of weeds were also reported by the NCB officials from his place during the raid.

Filmmaker Karan Johar, breaking his silence in this matter, again denied knowing the names of Kshitij and Anubhav Chopra. Earlier Karan Johar also repudiated the allegations as “baseless and false” on the consumption of narcotics substance.

Karan Johar also tweeted “I would like to state that several media/ news channels have been airing news reports that Kshitij Prasad and Anubhav Chopra are my “aids”/ “close aids”. I would like to place a record that I do not know these individual personally and neither of these two individuals are “aids” or “close aids””. (source: Twitter)

NCB recorded Kshitij’s statement after Rakul Preet Singh revealed his name. Kshitij’s statements escaped many skeletons in the cupboard against the Bollywood. He also named several “Number ones” from the industry-linked in drug peddling. Few reports also revealed that Kshitij made payments of ₹3500 each on purchase of dozens of Ganja in May and June for several occasions.

Kshitij’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde said that various indubitably fallacious statements were thrusted despite Kshitij's protest. He also claimed his client has been “harassed and blackmailed” by NCB officials to produce statements. Satish also added that Kshitij in court said that Sameer Wankhede(in-charge of the Mumbai Unit of NCB) recorded his statements. Kshitij also told the court that he had been made to sit on the floor and was tortured by Sameer by putting his (Sameer) shoes near his (Kshitij) face. This outraged him. Up to this around 20 individuals have been arrested including Rhea Chakraborty.