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Are you suffering from migraines? Here are a few treatments you should know about!

By Sharonya Kundu

A migraine is an extreme throbbing headache-causing pain in the front or side of the head. Although the area where the pain is felt can change during a migraine attack. If the person keeps moving the pain increases.

Some of the symptoms are sensitivity to light (photophobia) or sound (phonophobia). Nausea and sometimes vomiting is a common symptom. Some people experience an aura or warning signs before the onset of migraines. Nearly most of the migraine sufferers have this aura. An example includes vision problems, such as seeing flashing lights or bright lights, sun glares, and hardness in the neck, shoulder, and limbs. People also develop migraines known as silent migraines, in this kind of migraine only the aura or other symptoms are felt by them but no such severe headache is experienced. A person having an attack tends to rest in a dark and quiet room.

As we all know there is no cure for migraine, so here are a few treatments that might help. You can get migraines less often when you avoid triggers that cause them, such as drinking, smoking, stress at work, or home. Sensory stimuli like strong smells like perfume can be avoided. Four devices allow patients to self administer stimulation named "Cefaly". This device starts treating migraines before they start. It is like a headband that you can wear across your forehead and you may feel a massaging or tingling sensation that heals your pain. The second device is known as "GammaCore", this device sends signals to the vagus nerve. The third and fourth device is known as "(STMS)" and "Nerivio". Your doctor might recommend you Botox if you have chronic migraines. Several times counselling might help.