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Arvind Kejriwal congratulates Delhi After Trump Announces US will use Plasma Therapy to recover COVI

By Bhumika Bansal

Trump Addressed on Sunday Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Authorisation for coronavirus treatment that uses blood plasma from recovered patients. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal prefers the words said by US President Donald Trump of about the Plasma therapy against COVID-19, saying what Delhi had done yesterday, America will do today.

“Delhi has changed it, Now - What Delhi did Yesterday, America will do today. Congratulations Delhiites for achieving this for our country.” As Stated by Kejriwal.

He also added an update of News Agency Asian News International (ANI) About Trump Making the announcement to use plasma therapy.

Trump on Sunday Addressed Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Authorisation of a coronavirus treatment for use blood plasma from recovered patients of COVID, a day after blaming the agency of hinder the rollout in vaccines has been observed for political reasons.

“This is what I've been given at a glance to do this for a long time”, Trump words at a white house news conference. “Today I'm grateful to make a truly historic announcement in our battle against the China Virus that will save countless lives.”

The Food and Drug Administration(FDA), explaining its decision, cited early evidence suggesting blood plasma can decrease the mortality rate and improve the health of patients when administered in the first three days of their hospitalization. The agency said that it is determined with a safe approach for analysing for 20,000 patients who received the treatment till now. 70, 000 patients have been treated using Blood plasma words by FDA.

Kejriwal's government was the first to launch plasma bank last month as the state runs the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences ( ILBS) for treatment of COVID 19 patients under plasma therapy, antibodies substances from the blood of the person who has recovered from COVID 19 are taken and transferred into a coronavirus infected patient to boost the immune system to fight the infection.

More than 700 COVID 19 patients in the national capital i.e. Delhi have been Administered Recuperating plasma therapy till now.

The youngest to have received plasma from the government bank was 18 years old and the oldest was 94 years old. The gender wide breakup of the data shows that among the recipients 522 were males And 188 females. The total figure of coronavirus positive cases is 1,61,466 in Delhi. As many as 1450 new COVID 19 cases and 16 deaths were reported in Delhi on Sunday.

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