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Asha Bhosle’s 88th birthday talk

By Ritika Ray

One of India's marvellous singers Asha Bhosle turned 88 on 8th September 2020. She has dedicated her whole life to music. Her granddaughter says that she hums the same song all day.

Asha Bhosle is a legendary singer and said in an interview that she doesn’t feel she is turning 88. She feels so much younger than that. Her sweet voice, sense of humour, and passion for singing are absolutely magical.

In the interview she claimed that she doesn’t like birthday parties anymore, she has lived her life well. She just wants some close relatives and family but no big parties with people and lunch. Her granddaughter ordered two cakes for her and also some sushi for her birthday.

Also, she was asked what is the one wish she wanted on her birthday. She answered that she wants all her fans to pray that she never loses her voice, she must close her eyes with her voice. Asha Ji believes that her voice is the reason for her being. She will live as long as her voice lives. And she also said that her voice is one of the things that makes her happy, she doesn’t need anything else.

Another interesting answer she gave was who inspired her the most. It seems that her inspiration was Kishore Kumar. She used to watch him closely and listen to his songs over and over again.

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