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Assaulting comments on women! Bollywood sensational actress slams the user on Twitter.

By Swetaleena Mishra

Bold onscreen Indian actress, Reema Lambda, professionally known as Mallika Sherawat recently lambasted a user on Twitter who insulated her movies for sexual violence against women.

On Wednesday, Mallika Sherawat hit back to the user on Twitter who accused her films of sexual violence against women. The user obnoxiously targeted Mallika's movies to contradict her statement on Hathras rape case. The user even bogged this 'Murder' actress prioritising personal improvement before delivering a statement. The user even chastised the message that her movies convey and said it plays a predominant role. (Source: Twitter)

Mallika flamboyantly replied to the user taking it to her Twitter handle. She exclaimed if her movies are an invitation for rape and she condemned his mentality for the retrograding Indian society for women. (Source: Twitter)

This is not the first time where Mallika is being criticised, earlier also many people poured scorn on her for her bold choices of films. She even mentioned in one of the interviews that she was kicked out of many projects because of her denials to the actors who demanded intimacy offscreen.