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Ayesha Shroff attempts to shut the mouths of the trolls

Nowadays, all the star kids have to face the wrath of the netizens due to the sensitive nepotism factor. When Tiger Shroff was being targeted for the same, mother Ayesha Shroff came forward to protect her son and slam the mouth shut of the trolls.

Nepotism is the hot topic in Bollywood nowadays. It has divided the industry in two halves – insiders and outsiders. All the star kids are facing the wrath of the netizens, even if they don’t deserve it. So, when Tiger Shroff was targeted for the same, his mother Ayesha Shroff came forward to say some words. Although she did not dedicate it to anyone, it was pretty obvious that she was replying to the trolls. She shared a shirtless photo of Tiger on Instagram and captioned, “Safalta meri, Jaltey koi aur hai, Mehnat meri, Thaktey koi aur hai..!”

Even Tiger said in an interview that pressure on star kids to prove themselves is more than any other actor. He himself feels stressed because he is the son of superstar Jackie Shroff.

This debate of Nepotism will go on forever. Everyone has their own stories and struggles. No one has the right to judge anyone else’s life. But idealistic lifestyle is hardly followed by people now. There will always be trolls who will feel jealous of the successful people. Maybe, we all will have to just live with that.

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