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Beheaded body of a woman created panic in Meerut!

By Manisha Jangir

A Terrifying incident has been reported in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut on Monday. A body of a beheaded woman has been found into a plastic sack which was dumped near a cemetery. The whole body was chopped into pieces stuffed inside a plastic sack and was thrown near a garbage dump in Fatehullapur locality. According to the people of the locality the body was found when street dogs were trying to grab the pieces from the sack. The children who were playing there noticed the dogs and then informed their parents. When they all reached the spot, they found a bag that was emanating foul smell and it was dumped over a heap of garbage.

As soon as the bag was discovered with human remains, panic spread all across the area. After inspection, it was found that she was in her thirties. Akhilesh Narayan Singh, Additional Superintendent of Police said that the body was found behind a cemetery in Fatehullapur, which falls under Lisari Gate Police Station. “It appears that the accused was known to the woman who beheaded the body to hide her identity. The chopped body was stuffed in the sack which was later pulled by the stray dogs”, he said. He also added that the investigation has begun with the legal proceedings and the CCTV footage of the locality is also being checked to get more information.

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